'Jeopardy!' champion Cindy Stowell: In her own words


LOS ANGELES (WTHR) - We heard a lot from six-day "Jeopardy!" champion Cindy Stowell during her amazing run on the popular game show.

But we never heard her talk about her battle with cancer - until now.

Stowell's run ended when she finished second in her seventh appearance that aired Wednesday. The 41-year-old Texas woman taped the episodes in August and September while battling Stage 4 colon cancer. She died Dec. 5.

She won six contests in a row and more than $105,000, some of which she donated to cancer research.

"Jeopardy!" says Stowell was sent advance copies of her first three episodes and watched them in the hospital. The show says it also expedited Stowell her prize money. The Cancer Research Institute says Stowell donated some of the winnings to the nonprofit.

Stowell says in a video shared by "Jeopardy!" the show was a good opportunity to help others.

"It was kind of a just a line in the sand that I drew," Stowell said. "I wanted to donate a lot of the money to cancer research, partly because - this is hard, and I'm sorry. Maybe I should pause or something like that - but I'm dying of cancer. I really would like the money to be used to help others."

Show host Alex Trebek gave a special tribute to Stowell after Wednesday's show.

(The Associated Press contributed to this story.)

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