Japanese retailer creates lip gloss that simulates the "feel of kissing a cat's nose"

Photo: Felissimo

TOKYO, Japan (WTHR) - Science comes through yet again.

We weren't even aware this was a problem that needed a solution, but here we are.

Japanese mail-order company Felissimo has just released a new lip gloss which, according to a translated product description, is "like I've just kissed a cat's nose - a pleasantly cool nose,"

Japanese news blog Rocket News 24 says the product is "meant to recreate the cool, damp feeling a cat’s nose leaves after a 'kitty kiss' nose-bump has been bestowed upon you."

Apparently, the gloss is applied with a steel roller ball instead of a plastic ball, which gives it the cooling feeling.

If you're interested, Rocket News 24 says it costs around $11 U.S. A portion of the proceeds go to a foundation Felissimo's cat foundation fund.

If you want to order it, you can try it here. We'd recommend you have your Google Translate page open.