Jane Pauley campaigns for Obama


Indianapolis - Former Today Show and Dateline co-host Jane Pauley returned to Indiana Sunday in support of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Pauley started her day speaking to supporters at Southside Park.

The Warren Central graduate will lead a door-to-door campaign in Central Indiana.

Pauley is best known for her 13 years on NBC's Today show, but she began her career in Indianapolis.

She said for years as a journalist, she kept her political views private but now is able to express how she feels so she volunteered to help the Obama campaign.

"I sent an e-mail, subject line, 'Can Jane Pauley help Barack Obama in Indiana?' And then, kind of nervously waited and then, quickly comes the answer, capital letters: 'YES SHE CAN!' And so here I am," Pauley told Eyewitness News.

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden is scheduled to visit Indiana on Wednesday.