James Bond manuscripts housed in Indiana University's Lilly Library


LONDON (WTHR) — In the Hoosier state, we like to say there's always an Indiana connection, and that includes the world's favorite secret agent: James Bond.

The man who created James Bond, journalist and author Ian Fleming had his Bond manuscripts sold after his passing.

And now they live at Indiana University's Lilly Library.

The Lilly Library brokered a $150,000 deal and secured 11 Bond manuscripts including "Casino Royale" and "Goldfinger."

Fleming's manuscript of 'Goldfinger'
Fleming's manuscript of 'Goldfinger'

"You can really see the literary process, Director at Lillly Library Joel Silver said. "And with Fleming, because he was used to typing things as a journalist, he would work very quickly. He wrote these novels in a month."

Fleming's first Bond book, "Casino Royale," introduces the world to what would become the most famous martini: the Vesper.

"What is it about a cocktail that stirs so many emotions for so many people around the world? Well, I think with Bond, like Sherlock Holmes, it's the details. It's the way this character is fleshed out," Silver said. "He was so particular in the martini order. He describes in "Casino Royale" how the martini should be prepared, it seems like Mr. Fleming certainly knew what he liked. ... And you know, Fleming was a drinker himself."

Silver commented on how many things Fleming has had an impact one and said he thought he'd be proud of such an impact.

For those who'd like to look at the manuscripts, visit Lilly Library and staff will bring them out from the vault.