Jacoby Brissett gets Civil War Twitter treatment in spirit of "Capt. Andrew Luck"


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Just as we said goodbye to Capt. Andrew Luck and his squirrel oil comes word from his apparent successor.

The viral Twitter account embracing the Colts former quarterback's image as a soldier is shutting down, but several accounts from "Lt. Col. Brissett" have become active.

Another of the accounts tweeted to Capt. Luck's mother.

That message was followed by one dated August 27:

Reaction to the new accounts appears to be mixed, though several commenters apparently preferring the original account.

As with the creative messages of Capt. Luck, the creator of the Brissett tweets is not known.

Just days after the real Andrew Luck announced he is retiring from the NFL, so did the Captain. In a post to his more than 540,000 followers, Capt. Andrew Luck said: "A heartfelt thank you. And a fond farewell."

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