IU fans react to Tom Crean's departure

FILE - Tom Crean speaks at a press conference during the 2016-2017 season. (WTHR Photo)
BLOOMINGTON (WTHR) - IU fans are giving mixed reviews on basketball coach Tom Crean and Indiana University’s decision to fire him. Most said they were surprised by the decision, but admit Crean fell short of their high expectations.

More than a fan, Joe Hall is a follower of IU Basketball. “I was surprised.” He said “I didn’t think they were going to get rid of him for just one year of a bad team, they won the big ten last year.”

Crean’s teams won two Big Ten titles in his nine years at IU. But his teams never made it past the sweet 16 in their quest for a NCAA national Championship.

Peter Kunoff Grew up in Bloomington during IU’s glory years. “Indiana fans want more” Knoff said “They still crave that when we were winning multiple national championships every four or five years. That’s what I grew up living.”

This season was a roller coaster of hopes and disappointments. IU didn’t make the prestigious NCAA tournament, settled bid in the NIT and lost the first game.

Tim Hellwig is a fan and an IU professor. “He was kind of fighting for his job after the NIT loss but it still came as a surprise to me.” He explained “I’m not sure it was the best move but that is big time college athletics for you.”

Ted Cuffe, another fan got right to the point. “He had enough time to prove himself. It is time to try something new.”

Fans and critics praised Crean for the integrity and respectability he brought to IU

In a written statement, IU Athletic director Fred Glass called him a good man and a good coach, saying we owe him a debt of gratitude.

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