IU continues to combat mold in dorms, as students return to class


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WTHR) – Students at IU Bloomington returned back to campus Sunday.

For many of the students, it was the first time back in their dorm rooms following a mold outbreak at several buildings this year.

Hundreds of rooms tested positive for mold called aspergillosis and Teter, McNutt and Foster residence halls.

Some students had reported getting sick because of the mold.

IU officials said they spent the past several weeks cleaning, recleaning and monitoring rooms.

“We’re going to be vigilant about this, make sure that the conditions are right and we understand where this came from to begin with and we are going to continue to work until the problem is completely resolved,” said Chuck Carney, spokesperson for IU.

Students in 19 rooms at Teter Hall returned Sunday and had to move to different rooms because mold levels were still unsafe.

Isabelle Crain and Jin Chung were emailed and notified they would have to move. The school contracted with moving companies to help students relocate.

“I think it’s frustrating but we’re also happy that we’re not going to be in a dorm full of mold anymore,” said Crian.

Last month the Indiana University Board of Trustees approved an accelerated plan for the renovation of Foster and McNutt residence halls starting at the end of the spring semester.

The university has been posting updates on their remediation efforts online.