'It's shameful': NRA responds to Walmart ending ammunition sales

The podium on stage at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Saturday, April 27, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The National Rifle Association has released a statement following Walmart's decision to stop selling handgun ammunition.

"It's shameful to see Walmart succumb to the pressure of the anti-gun elites," the statement said.

In addition to ending ammunition sales, Walmart also asked customers not to openly carry firearms in stores, including in states where open carrying is legal. The decision came just days after seven people died after a shooting in Odessa, Texas.

Last month, dozens of people died in mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. The El Paso shooting happened at a Walmart store.

Read the NRA's full statement below:

"The strongest defense of freedom has always been our free market economy. It is shameful to see Walmart succumb to the pressure of the anti-gun elites. Lines at Walmart will soon be replaced by lines at other retailers who are more supportive of America's fundamental freedoms.

The truth is Walmart's actions today will not make us any safer. Rather than place the blame on the criminal, Walmart has chosen to victimize law abiding Americans. Our leaders must be willing to approach the problems of crime, violence and mental health with sincerity and honesty."

Kroger joined Walmart Tuesday in asking customers not to openly carry guns in stores.