ISP patrolling highways for distracted, aggressive drivers

ISP patrolled roads on Tuesday to catch distracted drivers. (WTHR)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Indiana State Police patrolled the roads from semis this morning.

"Being up in a semi gives you a different vantage point, a different view," said Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine. "We're going to have a trooper in the passenger seat of this semi and he is going to be calling out violations."

Almost a dozen troopers waited for those calls at exit ramps on I-465.

"Our goal is to target aggressive drivers who are driving aggressively not only around semis, but around other cars as well," Perrine said.

Mark Baker drove the semi for ISP. He's been a professional driver for more than six years and said he is constantly being cut off.

"If you're fully loaded and someone stops quick you're probably going to need at least 300 feet, I would estimate," Baker said.

Troopers are also keeping an eye on semis and pulled several over today.

They're asking all drivers to focus on driving and sharing the road.

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