IPS Police officer fires gun at Howe Academy


Eyewitness News

A seventeen-year-oldĀ Arlington High School student surrendered to police Friday night after Police say he tried to run down an IPS police officer outside Howe Academy Friday afternoon.

The officer fired at the car hitting it several times Friday afternoon outside Howe Academy, near Emerson and Washington on the city's East Side.

The shooting occurred in the school's parking lot just minutes before 13 hundred middle and high school students were to be dismissed from a pep rally, some were already out side.

"The officer tried to get him out of his car and shot through the window," said Major Lloyd Crow of the Indianapolis Police Department.

IPS police officer Kyle Stewart confronted a teenager in the building asking for school identification. Investigators say the young man showed an ID from another school, they scuffled. Stewart, believing he saw a weapon, sprayed the teen with CS, a pepper spray.

"This student took CS from him and used it on the officer," said Crowe.

The teenager ran to a car, waiting parents heard gun fire and squealing tires.

"I saw the security guard standing with his weapon pointing at the car and the car was heading straight at him. I thought it was going to hit him," said one parent.

At least three of the ten shots fired hit the car, piercing the door and back window.

The shooting appears justifiable says Superintendent Dr. Eugene White, "He felt there was a danger to himself and others on the campus. We think he acted appropriately."

Officer Kyle Stewart received minor injuries and will be assigned administrative duties until a formal investigation into the shooting is complete.