IPL works long hours to restore power to Indianapolis neighborhood

IPL crews line up to fix power lines in the Royal Pines neighborhood.

As the weather takes another turn, some Hoosiers are still cleaning up their neighborhood's storm damage, which left thousands of people without power for most of the day.

That was the case for people who live in the Royal Pines neighborhood near 79th Street and Dean Road on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

Power to must residents there was restored by Wednesday night, but it took several hours.

"Nobody got hurt and it didn't hit the house, so I can't complain," said homeowner Mike Dunn, as he watched IPL crews cut up trees in his neighbor's yard in the royal pines subdivision.

The subdivision's name, Royal Pines, said it all, when it came to what IPL crews were dealing with most of the day.

"Most of it was wind damage and trees," said Brad Riley with IPL.

Trees that fell on top of power lines.

"The winds that we saw, the temperatures, were just extremely out of the ordinary," added Riley of the weather conditions which caused the damage.

"It just cut the tops of 'em off, like 50 feet up," explained Dunn of the damage to the trees. "I think it was kind of a freak thing, just because the way it got 'em off the tops."

"I heard a loud, like, 'uh' kind of sound," described Gayle Baker of the noise the night before when the storm hit at its peak.

What Baker heard, was the pine trees in her yard falling onto her next door neighbor's garage.

"It was scary, but I was glad to know that it, didn't, you know, it hadn't crushed anything or caused the roof to be damaged too much," she said.

Baker and other neighbors dealt with no power throughout the day, as IPL crews worked to restore it.

"I'm very hopeful, IPL gets the power back on soon," said Baker.

Restoring power and getting trees off power lines was really a race against time, before temperature were expected to drops below freezing.

"It's not too bad, but I, you know, after it gets in the teens tonight, it might be bad," added Baker.

"As far as restoration, weather doesn't bother us. Our guys are great in the field, so they'll work through the weather," said Riley.

IPL reminds customers if they find themselves without power to report the outage immediately so they can work to get the power on as fast as possible.

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