Investigating the IRS: Why it gives billions to illegal immigrants


Why are many illegal immigrants getting a bigger tax refund than you? Blame it on the IRS and a massive tax loophole that's now being exposed by Eyewitness News.

13 Investigates has found the IRS is giving away your tax dollars to illegal workers and people who don't even live in the United States - and the problem is costing billions!

We want you to see exactly where your money is going and why the IRS is allowing it to happen. From the homes of illegal workers in Indiana to the headquarters of the Internal Revenue Service in Washington, investigative reporter Bob Segall takes you behind the scenes of his three-month investigation to get answers.

Eyewitness News investigates the IRS: Watch our story Thursday night (April 26th, 2012) at 11:00 pm on WTHR Channel 13.

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