Internet reaches out to support woman grieving over dog's death

A woman shared a picture of her late dog "T.J." who passed away Friday. (Photo: Twitter/@sarehere)

The internet is helping a woman say goodbye to her best friend.

Twitter user @sarehere posted a photo of her dog "T.J." Friday afternoon, after he passed away at the age of 14. She directed her tweets to the @dog_rates account, which is well-known for viral photos of good dogs, saying she wanted everyone to know about him.

Over the next several hours, hundreds of people retweeted T.J.'s photo and expressed their condolences.

Sarah shared the Lab/pit bull mix loved food, rolling on his back in the grass and greeting you like he'd been gone for months.

As she replied to nearly every message of support, Sarah comforted others who shared the loss of their own dogs.

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