Indy's Blue Crew arrives in Kansas City to cheer on the Colts

Colts fans in Kansas City
WTHR in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY (WTHR) — The Blue Crew has arrived.

Indianapolis' official Colts crew has made it's way to Kansas City to cheer on the Colts in Saturday's game.

On Friday night, some of the crew joined together in Liberty, Missouri.

The crew was decked out in Colts gear and broke out in cheers such as "One and 'O'" as well as "Let's go Colts."

Some of the crew have made it a point to travel near and far for the Colts this season, a couple of which even said they drove to Houston last week for the game.

The Blue Crew plans to attend Saturday's game to cheer on the Colts to what they hope is another 1-0 victory.