IndyCar drivers get fit for May and Rev Indy kickoff

IndyCar driver Jack Harvey getting ready for May. (WTHR Staff)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — When it gets cold like this, it makes us look forward to the month of May even more.

The four-week racing celebration in Indianapolis is focused on the driver who takes the checkered flag.

To pull it off, those drivers have to be in pretty good shape.

So, Eyewitness News Anchor Julia Moffitt decided to find out what it takes to workout like an IndyCar driver.

She went to the gym with driver Jack Harvey who is getting ready for his third Indianapolis 500.

For the past two years he has been getting his burn on at "Fit, Flex, Fly" near 86th St. and Westfield Boulevard.

"Since then I have seen a dramatic change, honestly, in my body shape, my fitness levels and all for the better. This is where I get prepared to do that," said Harvey.

As he prepares for the month of May, it all starts with "Rev Indy."

The event is really one of the biggest parties where you get to mingle with drivers.

"When I first moved to Indy I thought the sense of community here was just higher than anywhere I've experienced. Rev is local people and businesses helping local people and businesses," said Harvey. "I think that is at the core of all things Indy 500. Especially being an honorary Hoosier like myself if we can help people, that benefits local people you're going to have a good time. The interesting one is you are going to see me in a different kinds of suit."

The "Rev Indy" event raises money for the IU Health Foundation, which helps cover care for drivers and 500 fans who need medical help at the track.