Indy Thunder seeks fourth consecutive Beep Baseball national championship

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - That sound coming from the ball? Some would compare it to the obnoxious tones from an alarm clock.

It's Beep Baseball. Baseball for the legally blind. It's actually a fierce sport.

Ron Brown, a retired player, is assistant coach. He lost his vision in high school and thought his baseball career was over.

"Then I found out about beepball in 1983. I love the game, the team comraderie, I love the sport and stayed in it," he said.

He's passing along his passion to the next generation, guys like Corey White, 21. He's the home run hitter on this team.

"It's like another family," White told us. "You come here, you forget about all worries at home, having a good time. I do it to stay out of trouble. I live on the east side of Indianapolis and it's rough out there. I play beepball to try to stay away from that stuff and stay fit, stay in shape."

Corey and his crew are chasing their fourth consecutive world series title, against the best teams in the country.

Beepball is all about timing and teamwork. The practices are intense, as the batters and pitcher have to be in sync.

"We start in January and we don't even really stop because we do stuff in the fall," said jared Woodward. "Every weekend for six months or so, that's how much it means."

This extended family contines to strive toward the same goal.

"They still stay hungry," said Darnell Booker, coach and general manager. "In sports, as you know, you can be complacent, but these guys, they want another ring. They want to keep making history."

The team hits the road July 26. If you would like to help support the team, visit the team's website or contact GM Darnell Booker by email.

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