Indy mom says man exposed himself to her teenage daughter

An Indianapolis mom took a picture of this man, who she said exposed himself to her daughter. (Photo provided)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - An Indianapolis mother is turning to social media to help track down a man she says exposed himself to her daughter.

It happened on the city's west side Tuesday at a gas station near Interstate 465 and Rockville Road.

Ebonie Walls said her daughter had just gotten off the bus and walked inside when the man approached her, motioned for her to a separate area and then flashed her.

"The man approached her and asked her if he wanted to help her and make some money," said Walls. "He told her to 'come here' and she went towards the back and he pulled his penis out on her."

The 14-year-old was able to get away and then pointed the man out to her mother. Walls confronted the man was able to take a picture of him.

She said she's surprised at how bold the crime was and is concerned he may try to expose himself again to another child.

"It could have definitely been worse and that's my fear. I don't want him to snatch up anybody else or if he has already snatched up somebody who hasn't come forward. I definitely want to be that voice for them," Walls said.

Police are using the photo to try to identify the suspect. Walls said she also turned over a picture of the license plate of the car the man was driving.