Indy 500 parking restrictions in Speedway

(file photo courtesy Pixabay)

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WTHR) - Parking restrictions start Thursday night for Indy 500 qualification weekend.

From 6 p.m. Thursday through 8 p.m. Sunday, no parking will be allowed on the south or east sides of any street in the gray area on the map below (click here if you don't see it). It marks 25th Street on the north, Georgetown on the east, Crawfordsville on the south and Lynhurst on the west. The same restrictions will be in place next weekend for the race itself.

Race weekend also comes with additional restrictions:

  • Both sides of Speedway from Lynhurst to Cord
  • Both sides of N. Auburn from 10th to Speedway Dr.
  • Both sides of 25th from Lynhurst to Philwood
  • Both sides of Lynhurst from 10th to 26th
  • Both sides of Cord from 16th to Speedway Dr.
  • South side of Speedway Dr. from Lynhurst to Cuningham
  • Both sides of 20th from the American Legion parking lot west to Crawfordsville/SR-136 and the entire 20th Street Court
  • West side of Winton from Crawfordsville/SR-136 to 20th
  • Both sides of Auburn from Crawfordsville/SR-136 to 25th
  • Both sides of 22nd from Lynhurst to Main
  • West side of Allison from 22nd to Winton
  • Both sides of 16th from Biltmore to Cunningham, and continuing on both sides of Cunningham to Crawfordsville/SR-136
  • North side of Meadowwood from Lynhurst to Parkwood
  • Both sides of 26th from Lynhurst to Moller
  • East side of Winton from 16th to Crawfordsville/SR-136

You also can't park any vehicle, trailer, recreational vehicle, commercial vehicle or other utility trailer overnight (9 p.m. - 6 a.m.) Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights of qualification weekend or Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights race weekend:

  • In Meadowood Park and on the streets adjacent to Meadowood Park, including
    • the north side of Meadowood Drive,
    • the east side of Parkwood Drive, and
    • both sides of School Drive as it borders the east and north sides of Meadowood Park;
  • In Leonard Park and on the streets adjacent to Leonard Park, including
    • Town Property at the end of Worth,
    • the east side of Worth and the south side of 15th, and
    • the Town Hall parking lot;
  • the south side of 14th west from Winton to Lynhurst; and
  • the north side of 13th from Winton to Allison (Junior High West Side Access Drive).

There will also be parking restrictions on Main Street from 10th to 16th streets and 16th Street from Main Street to Lynhurst Drive.

Overnight camping and camping equipment including tents, trailers, recreational vehicles - either for use or just parking - is also forbidden in any playground, park or recreational area unless authorized by the Speedway Board of Recreation. Parking any trailer, recreational vehicle or commercial vehicle at an intersection of a driveway or alley with any other public streets or highways, or at an intersection of public streets or highways, is not permitted. It is also unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to park or camp in any trailer or recreational vehicle at any time on any street in the town of Speedway.

While you can charge for someone to park on your property, it's illegal to charge a fee to park on any public street, thoroughfare, alley or roadway.

Should the race rain out, these parking restrictions may be expanded to other days.

Anyone who violates any of these restrictions can be charged a $50 fine, plus towing and storage fees.