INDOT says hazard-filled drive through Converse will end soon

Residents are complaining about potholes along State Road 18. (Photo: WTHR)

CONVERSE, Ind (WTHR) - Indianapolis may be the crater capitol, but small towns are having big road problems too.

Parts of State Road 18 are a mess in Converse, Indiana. That's on the border of Miami and Grant counties.

INDOT says workers are filling and refilling potholes almost every day.

It looks like heavy traffic, rain and the wild swings in temperatures are winning the battle.

"It's terrible, it's absolutely terrible," said resident Cathy Bemis. "If there was a small car and it drives through the big rut pot holes, they can have an accident and be killed."

An INDOT spokesman admits the pavement is at the end of its lifetime, but there's good news. Next month, the state plans to completely resurface abut six miles of the highway giving motorists a smooth ride.

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