Indianapolis Zoo hosts electronic recycling event

People came to the Indianapolis Zoo Saturday to recycle electronics as big as TVs. (WTHR Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – There is less "E-waste" in Indianapolis Saturday thanks to the zoo collecting and recycling electronics.

Technology Recyclers collected things like old cell phones, batteries, and TVs.

With more and more people using electronics, there's naturally more pollution.

E-Waste makes up nearly 70 percent of all pollutants, which is millions of tons of e-waste that is generated yearly.

"We need to keep our habitats healthy, our world healthy and give our animals a safe place to live and also just for our health," said Judy Palermo. "If we can keep a lot of these electronics out of our landfills it will keep our air safer and water safer."

If you missed it, the zoo will have another recycling day in the fall.

You can learn more about how to safely throw away your electronics here.

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