Indianapolis scooter rules changing, but only for a couple of weeks

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New Scooter Law Takes Effect
Scooter rules

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - If you've driven around Indianapolis, you've seen them almost everywhere. Motorized scooters invaded the city about a year ago.

Soon, you'll be able to ride them on trails and sidewalks. But there's a catch.

You're probably aware that the rules have prohibited operation on sidewalks. It's a rule widely ignored, but for the first two weeks in July, it will be legal to ride on sidewalks and trails. That's because of a new state law that takes effect July 1. It regulates scooters and defines them as "electric foot scooters," not motorized vehicles, which Indy calls them in its ordinance.

In a nutshell, Indy can still ban scooters on sidewalks and trails, but the City-County Council has to vote on updating that ordinance. That won't happen until July 15, leaving two weeks scooters are on their own.

One year after scooters hit the streets and sidewalks, police say while they're still educating people about the rules and have begun issuing citations. They weren't able to tell us the a number of tickets issued.

Bird and Lime are still the two scooter business here. Lyft has a license but has put its plans on hold. Spin was also approved to operate but hasn't been given a start date.

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