Indianapolis pet owners required to bring dogs inside when temperature tops 90

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - As excessive heat moves in for the rest of the week in Indianapolis, a local non-profit is looking out for our pets.

Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO) sent out a reminder Wednesday that the city ordinance in Indianapolis requires residents to bring their dogs indoors when the temperature reaches 90 degrees. Dogs need to be brought into the house, or at least into a temperature-controlled building that is kept between 40-80 degrees.

Even when the temperature is "only" in the 80s, your dog's shelter needs to have access to shade, either from trees or a tarp, FIDO wrote in a release. The organization noted that "a dog house is not adequate shade" on its own in extreme heat. The house needs to be placed in a shaded area with adequate air flow. Also, dogs must have access to fresh water for drinking at all times.

Like humans, dogs can get heat stroke or sunburn in excessive heat. According to FIDO, signs of heat stroke in a dog include "excessive panting and agitation, drooling, glazed eyes, weakness, staggering, and rapid pulse." If you suspect your dog may have heat stroke, have the animal lie on cool towels or put cold, wet towels on its head, neck and chest. You can offer the dog ice cubes or water, but should not force them to drink.

If you spot an animal in danger, FIDO urges you to call the Mayor's Action Line at 317-327-4622. If you need help caring for your own dog, call FIDO at 317-221-1314. The organization is providing crates and flea treatments to allow residents to bring their dogs inside during the heat.

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