Indianapolis neighborhood hits milestone in fight against crime


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – A north Indianapolis neighborhood just hit a major milestone in their fight against crime.

They have gone another year without a burglary or major crime in the neighborhood, which is no small feat and no accident. They are very serious about their crime watch.

That means there is always someone on the watch in Castleton Estates. There are about 327 homeowners in the East 82nd Street neighborhood who have learned to question suspicious activity and people.

Among them, former crime watch block captain Cherie Stockton. Her family has had its own close call.

“A suspicious person came up in a vehicle, asking my kids to get their dogs water and their friend lives down the block. Well why did you stop here?” said Stockton.

The block captains encourage families to use their alarm systems as much as possible, monitor the neighborhood when the garage door is open and warn kids about strangers when they are out playing.

Castleton Estates added security cameras to their neighborhood pool house along with visible warning signs. They have also established an ongoing relationship with the officers of IMPD's North District.

But one of their biggest weapons is being a good neighbor.

“The biggest thing is to care about other people and not just yourself because we are in this together. It's a community. It's a neighborhood,” said Stockton.

A neighborhood keeping crime around it from making itself at home.

In the past 5 years, Castleton Estates has had zero burglaries compared to 429 within a 2 mile radius.

They've reported zero robberies compared to 99 for the same time period and only two vehicle thefts in the subdivision compared to 262 stolen around them in the past 5 years.

“If you see something, you need to report it as suspicious activity so they will come out and check it out," Stockton said.

Families in Castleton Estates say every neighborhood can be safe as they work toward yet another safe year. They have relied heavily on crimefighter John Boggs, who helps organize their crime watch program. Boggs has received community awards for the program.

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