Indianapolis man trying to find trio who helped him after motorcycle crash

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INDIANAPOLIS - Duane Thalley believes in always saying thank you.

"I'm a very thankful person," he said.

It's something he can't remember saying a week ago to three people whose names he doesn't even know.

But he will never forget their kindness.

"I want to thank them," Thalley said. "I want to tell them that what they did was not a small deed. I want to tell them there are people like them in the world that help the world go round and make it better."

The strangers, a man and two women, came to Thalley's aid two weeks ago in what could very well have been a life and death situation.

"They didn't know anything about me. They didn't know what was going on. They knew somebody was hurt," said Thalley, a husband and father of three.

Thalley was lying on the side of the road. Moments earlier, he'd been riding his motorcycle south on State Road 135 when he saw a car coming in the opposite direction that had slowed down to turn.

"I get right to where there's no possible chance that he's going to turn into me and I see him accelerate right into me. I see him coming. I have a thought like 'what are you doing?' I just remember seeing sky, then ground and it's coming so fast and then I"m on the ground."

Thalley thinks it was only a minute before the man and two women were there to help.

"A minute's not a long time, but when you're just laying there, it's quite a while," Thalley told us.

The man called 911 and Thalley's wife.

"He said you're going to be OK, don't get up," Thalley recalled.

One of the women held his hand. They both talked to him.

"They're like 'you're going to be OK, we're here, don't worry about anything," he said.

None of them left Thalley's side until the ambulance arrived. Amazingly, Thalley had no broken bones. His left knee socket, though, was blown out and both ankles were sprained. Yet for all the pain he's in, what has stuck with Thalley most is the goodness of strangers.

"I don't know if I said thank you when I"m laying there. I don't know," Thalley said.

Thalley wants to say thank you in person.

"I just want to give them a hug. At least see them face to face on my feet and tell them that I appreciate what they did."

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