Indianapolis homicide rate nearly doubles


Cat Andersen/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - The most common causes for recent homicides in Marion County are nothing new; robbery and drugs, domestic violence, and fights. But it's the rise in number that has law enforcement and communities concerned because it's up about 90%.

At this time last year, there were less than 30 homicides.   So far this year, we're already up to 52.
On Monday night, three people were shot and killed in an east side apartment complex after an apparent fight.  The day before on Sunday, a man heavily armed with assault weapons killed two people on North Holmes Avenue on the west side.
Indianapolis Metro Police report the vast majority of violent crime both this year and last year has been happening on the north, east, and northwest sides of the city.

"Lately, just in the past week, the department has made a huge push in reassigning officers to different areas where we have the most violent crimes occurring, going after these individuals with guns and getting them off the streets. And we believe that's going to bear some positive fruit for us in the near future," said IMPD Sgt. Matt Mount.

Although IMPD added officers to the force, targeting high crime areas, police say they need the community's help to report which people possess guns illegally.

Sgt. Mount says a large number of people committing the homicides have violent criminal records, and are getting their hands on guns after they're released from jail.

The safest place in the city in 2009 was the downtown district, which reported zero homicides.