Indianapolis Home Show continues this week

Indianapolis Home Show continues through Sunday
Home Show tiny homes
Home Show defining your design
Home Show outdoors
Home Show Artisan Markets
Home Show wine bar
Indianapolis Home Show: Tablescapes

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Vendors at the Indianapolis Home Show say they’ve been keeping busy with people who have stopped by already this weekend. One of the more popular spot is the Tiny Home Village in the west pavilion. Builders have their homes on display in the middle of the building and decorators add to the atmosphere with their landscaping ideas.

Another unique spot is The Artisan Markets in the south pavilion. Ten artisans from around the state are coming together for the first time to show off their talents in products you can buy and walk away with during the event. We also checked in with local interior designers and decorators who showed us how to make your home look nice without spending too much money.

To find out more, watch the videos!

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