Indianapolis couple forced to postpone wedding due to coronavirus pandemic

Emily Nickels and Corey Pollen have rescheduled their April wedding to late August because of safety concerns surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. (Emily Nickels)
Indianapolis couple postpones wedding to August
Engaged couples having to scrabble with wedding plans

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Emily Nickels and Cory Pollen were expecting 220 people at their Indianapolis wedding on April 25. They have now decided to postpone their wedding until Aug. 28 because of safety concerns surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

“With the climate the way it is currently, we decided that moving the wedding date would be better for our family and friends, for their safety and health,” Nickels said. “We don’t want to put anyone at risk. Throughout this entire wedding planning process, we kept saying that the people are more important to us.”

Nickels and Pollen were able to rebook all of their wedding vendors thanks to three keys reasons:

  1. They booked many of their auxiliary vendors (like their DJ, caterer, etc.) through the people who run their reception venue, so one phone call got everyone on the same page, instead of several separate calls.
  2. They didn’t hesitate in rescheduling their spring wedding to late-summer. The quicker you decide to make the move, the more dates your will have to choose from later in the year.
  3. They have changed their wedding day from a Saturday to a Friday. That date flexibility is why their original wedding photographer was able to stay on board.
    Emily Nickels and Cory Pollen rescheduled their Saturday wedding in April to a Friday in August due to the coronavirus pandemic. (Emily Nickels)

“That, I think, is going to be key for all the brides and grooms who want to reschedule,” Tessa Tillett-Robbins, the couple's wedding photographer, said. “You’re probably not going to find vendors who are collectively available all on the same day on a Saturday later this year. Saturdays are pretty much booked from August to December for me. So if someone has to reschedule, you’re looking at Fridays, you’re looking at Sundays or potential other weekdays.”

Tillett-Robbins said her financial situation hasn’t changed considerably as a result of coronavirus restrictions because her clients are rescheduling rather than canceling. But the last few months of this year are looking extremely busy for her business.

“My fall is going to be crazy!” she said. “That is going to be the biggest struggle for me. Everything is shifting to August and the fall, and I’ve already been totally booked for the fall for a while. There’s definitely going to be some sleepless nights, a backlog of editing. Things are going to be really busy then.”

It looks like there’s a silver lining for wedding photographers, but what’s the biggest rescheduling advantage for the bride?

“I went out on the day we decided to move the wedding and bought a ton of Easter candy which I was previously not indulging in,” Nickels said.

“When she brings home Easter candy, that means I get Easter candy as well!," Pollen said.

Here’s to finding the positive in any situation.