Indianapolis council passes ticket, car rental tax increases


It may cost you more to attend sporting events in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis City-County Council passed an increase on the ticket tax Monday night. The tax will rise to 10 percent of the price of the ticket, which is a 67-percent increase.

The increase will apply to professional sporting events in the city, but it will be the decision of each team whether to charge fans for the increase, or absorb the cost. Non-profit and high school events will not be subject to the tax.

The Indiana Pacers tell Eyewitness News they will review the final version of the increase and come up with a decision at a later date.

The tax increase is expected to raise $6.7 million in the first year.

"Tonight, in a bipartisan fashion, members of the City-County Council made difficult but necessary votes to strengthen the fiscal position of our city. I want to praise the leadership of both parties for reaching a long-term budget deal that cuts spending and provides the necessary revenue to maintain the City's vital amenities and services," Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard said of the agreement.

The council also passed an increase to the car rental tax in the county. The new tax rate will be 17 percent, a 12-percent increase.

Both increases passed by a 16-12 vote in the full council.