Indianapolis comedians look back on 40 years of SNL

Indianapolis comedians look back on 40 years of SNL
Dave Dugan (WTHR photo)

Fans of Saturday Night Live are anxious for the 40th anniversary SNL special program airing Sunday night on NBC.

For thousands of fans, SNL has been a source of laughter for four decades. For Indianapolis comedians, however, it always meant more.

Comedian Dave Dugan does voice over work and is a regular guest on The Bob & Tom Show. His love of SNL goes way back.

"I like almost all the Bill Murray stuff. He's probably my favorite," Dugan said.

Comedian and Bob & Tom writer Randy Montgomery started his career in improvisation and sketch comedy. SNL inspired his work then and now.

"Mike Myers, I think was brilliant and Tina Fey, I think she was wonderful. So there were so many cast members -- Gilda Radner, I could just go on -- that I just really admired," Montgomery said.

Dugan and Montgomery say the best part of SNL is that writers and cast members take risks that work.

"You see them taking risks and they're LIVE and it makes you kind of think, 'Oh, that might be a way to go'," Dugan said.

"It made it okay to talk about more controversial things," Montgomery added. "There have been so many gifted people on that show that have influenced, I think, entertainment, not just comedy."

A special red carpet show starts at 7:00 Sunday night on WTHR, followed by a 3 1/2 hour anniversary celebration.