Indianapolis chocolate factory plants pollinator garden


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — A small Indianapolis chocolate factory is taking on a project that doesn't involve chocolate.

But it does involve the company's mission.

Earlier today some of the employees at Endangered Species Chocolate went outside to plant a pollinator garden at their northwest side location.

The 46 employees who work there are planting 500 native Indiana plants.. That will attract Monarch butterflies.. Insects and birds.

"So it's unique for a chocolate factory to be concerned about a pollinator garden, Endangered Species CEO Curt VanderMeer said. "But endangered species chocolate is concerned about all diverse biology so we want to live out our mission, not just with premium craft chocolate that we make each and every day but also by doing what we can do to help the earth."

They're expecting to see the garden quickly grow and begin attracting those butterflies and other insects over the next few weeks.