Indianapolis Animal Care Services warning of hot car dangers for pets


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Indianapolis Animal Care Services is putting out a warning about the dangerous of hot cars and pets.


“If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your animals,” said Kim Wolsiffer, deputy chief of enforcement operations. “Even if you leave the windows cracked and water in the car, the temperature will still get too hot for your animal.”

To help get the warning out, an old jeep the department has will be turned into a rolling billboard. The decals include instructions of what to do if you see an animal in a car on a hot day and a thermometer hanging in the windshield shows the temperature inside the car.


IACS has already received calls of pets in hot cars, but fortunately they have not turned deadly.

In Indiana, a law gives you criminal immunity when rescuing an animal from a hot car if certain conditions are met:

  • You must believe the animal is in imminent danger.
  • You must notify law enforcement before breaking into the car.
  • Only a reasonable amount of force can be used to rescue the animal.
  • You must stay with the animal until police arrive.

Still, you may have to pay for half of the repairs for any vehicle damage.