Indiana woman files federal lawsuit over Riverlink bills

(WHAS photo)

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WHAS) — An Indiana woman has filed a federal lawsuit against Kapsch Trafficcom USA, Inc., the company that manages the tolling system on bridges over the Ohio River between Kentucky and Indiana.

Melissa Barker claims that drivers have received second notices, violation notices, or collection notices from Riverlink without receiving the initial notice of charges. Barker believes this happened to hundreds or even thousands of more people besides herself.

Receiving a second notice from Riverlink includes a $5 fee tacked onto the initial fee that drivers pay to cross the Riverlink toll bridges and can reach up to $30 if payments still are not made.

Barker is bringing her case on behalf of all individuals, "who were assessed, charged, invoiced, requested to pay, or did in fact pay an administrative fee or penalty, relating to tolls assessed to that individual for use of the RiverLink Toll Bridges, without first being provided notice of any unpaid toll via a 1st Toll Notice.”

Barker alleges that she crossed the Riverlink toll bridges four times since 2017 and each time never received a first notice.

In 2017, RiverLink acknowledged a miscommunication that caused 5,000 invoices to be held inadvertently, but said the problem had been fixed.

A RiverLink spokesperson says they do not comment on pending litigation.

Barker’s attorneys have until November 25 to formally ask a U.S. judge to certify the lawsuit as a class action which would allow others to join.