Indiana toddler found in sweltering SUV out of hospital


A 16-month-old girl is out of the hospital after police say her mother left her inside a car for over an hour while she shopped Saturday afternoon. The temperature inside the car was 124 degrees, according to police.

It happened Saturday afternoon outside a resale store near 96th Street in Fishers. The girl's mother, 30-year-old Meg Trueblood, was arrested.

Another shopper noticed the baby in the hot car and called police.

"There is sweat running down the baby. Her little curly hair is soaking wet," a woman told 911.

"Okay, alright, is the baby crying," the operator asked.

"Um, I thought the baby was crying initially when we first came out, but she is not moving yet," the caller said.

"Can you tell if she is breathing?" the operator asked.

"Yes, she is breathing," said the caller.

Officers broke the vehicle's window to get the child out.

Trueblood was arrested and charged with neglect. While the girl is expected to recover, the story has left many WTHR viewers wondering how it could have happened.

Tom Weger with Fishers Police says police don't have that answer.

"We don't have a good answer why it happened. It does appear she made a very poor choice. A lack of common sense," he said.

Police said Trueblood was acting "odd" at that scene Saturday but they did not give her a drug or alcohol test because police say it was not necessary for the neglect charges.

Eyewitness News talked with Trueblood Monday afternoon and saw her young daughter. Trueblood would not answer our questions, but did say her daughter is doing much better after suffering a seizure Saturday in the hot sun.

"We hope this case serves as a reminder to parents to be extra careful with children," Weger said.

The girl is now in custody of her grandmother.

Trueblood bonded out of the Hamilton County Jail over the weekend. Her two other children, who were at home at the time, were allowed to stay there.

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