Indiana teen says he was terrified in Amtrak crash


FORT WAYNE - An Indiana teenager says he was terrified when the Amtrak train he was riding was hit by a semitrailer in the Nevada desert over the weekend.

Eighteen-year-old Alex Graham of Fort Wayne says he was reading a book while on a trip to the West Coast with his mother when the train was hit in the Saturday crash that killed six people.

Graham tells The Journal Gazette that he saw a wall of flames come past his window. He then looked out an emergency hatch and could see smoke coming from cars ahead.

After the train stopped, he says he helped several injured people get off the train, including some who climbed out windows.

Cleve Graham says hours passed before his wife and son realized the magnitude of the crash.

Six people died and another five are still unaccounted for after the crash. A new report indicates that the trucking company whose vehicles were involved in the deadly crash had previous violations.

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