Indiana teen asks date to senior prom with the help of police

Photo: Noah Mangas

CICERO, Ind. (WTHR) — An Indiana high school student got creative for his senior year promposal.

Noah Mangas and his girlfriend, Emily Lester, have been dating for a couple weeks and Mangas really wanted to make sure the two would be each other's prom dates. So he enlisted the help of Cicero Police Department to ask her.

A video taken by Mangas shows police pulling him over with Lester in the car. They claim he failed to signal, asked him the usual questions and even made him get out of the car at one point after Mangas tells police he forgot his license at home.

Video courtesy: Noah Mangas

After Mangas gets back into the car, the cop tells Lester what the situation is and says because Mangas doesn't have his license with him, he has two options.

"I'm going to leave the choice to you tonight, ok?" the officer says as he's talking to Lester. "Should I give him two citations or will you go to prom with him?"

Lester, of course, says she will with a shocked look on her face.

Both teens attend Hamilton Heights High School. Mangas is a senior and Lester is a sophomore.

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