Indiana State Police respond to calls for action and answers in Flora fire case

Flora fire victims Keyana, Keyara, Kerriele and Kionnie. (Provided by family)

FLORA, Ind. (WTHR) — The state's top law enforcement officer is responding to calls for more action and answers in the Flora Fire investigation.

Superintendent Doug Carter said he's frustrated by the complex arson case too and tells 13 Investigates there is critical information the family can provide to help step up the investigation.

"I hurt that they think we haven't done anything," Supt. Carter said Wednesday as he defended his agency's handling of the fire that killed Gaylin Rose's four little girls.

Keyana, Keyara, Kerriele and Kionnie were happy girls who loved to take part in cheerleading competitions.

Flora fire victims. (Provided by family)

Supt. Carter said investigators traveled to Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and California to track down leads in the arson case.

That comes as Gaylin revealed she feels left in the dark about the efforts to find the killer.

"I just want answers. I want justice because I feel like my house should have never caught on fire," she told 13 Investigates by phone.

Supt. Carter said the investigation was stymied in part by a lack of cooperation. He said Gaylin spoke with investigators after the fire, but has not answered extensive questions about who frequented her home.

"It's very important that we understand who's been at the house, who had been at the house, what those dynamics were and people who did visit the home. And right now we don't know what those answers are," revealed Supt. Carter.

Flora fire scene. (WTHR Staff)

He said the family can fill in those gaps.

"We have to get access to the entire family, period," Supt. Carter said. When asked specifically about Gaylin he told 13 Investigates, "We would love to sit down with the mother and talk to her."

Gaylin and her attorney are in the midst of a lawsuit against her former landlord and the Whirlpool Corporation. The lawsuit cites no working smoke detectors in the home and allegations of a defective range.

“New information is coming to us regularly.”

Supt. Carter could not say if the pending lawsuit keeps Gaylin from talking in a formal interview for a criminal investigation. But he did reveal that investigators have a person of interest.

"New information is coming to us regularly," he said. "But we're not going to talk about that."

Gaylin Rose's aunts were upset by Supt. Carter's claim of a lack of cooperation and told 13 Investigates they met with investigators and agreed to help.

Supt. Carter said he doesn't believe Gaylin's family was targeted, but has no motive for the arson. He said no one, not even family members have been ruled out.

As for the Delphi murders, Supt. Carter said not all family members have been ruled out there either. Still he said he's gone on national TV at the request of the Delphi families.

If you know anything about these cases contact the Indiana State Police post in Lafayette.

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