Indiana sheriff calls on drug dealers to turn in competition

(Jennings Co. Sheriff's Office/Facebook)

VERNON, Ind. (WTHR) - A southern Indiana sheriff is taking a novel approach to tracking down drug dealers.

The Jennings County Sheriff's Office posted a questionnaire on Facebook Wednesday looking for drug dealers looking to turn in their competition.

"Let us take away your financial worries," the form read.

Under a giant heading that read "ATTENTION DRUG DEALERS!" the form asks if competition is bringing dealers down, or if profits aren't what they once were. There is also an offer to "help you eliminate your competition" by completing the form and emailing it to Sheriff Wm. Kenny Freeman or dropping it in a mailbox.

The six-question survey asks for the name and address of the dealer's competition, along with the competing drug dealer's model of vehicle and license plate number. The form goes on to ask what drugs the competitor is selling and when their busiest times are to deal.

No word if the department has received any submissions.

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