Indiana secretary of state investigating forged voter registrations


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The Indiana secretary of state is warning voters in Marion and Hendricks Counties to check their voter registrations to ensure they are accurate.

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson says a group called the "Indiana Voter Registration Project" has turned in forged voter registration applications. Lawson's office says the group was found to be altering the information of voters who were already registered.

According to Lawson, the group changed the voters address to an address not associated with the voter without the voter's knowledge.

The Indiana Voter Registration Project issued the following statement Thursday afternoon:

"We sincerely hope that no one in a partisan elected position is using their office in an effort to make it harder for the people of Indiana to vote. The Indiana Voter Registration Project is a nonpartisan effort to ensure that all Indianans who are eligible to vote can do so. As part of its quality-assurance program, the Indiana Voter Registration Project has reviewed tens of thousands of applications and identified a small handful that may have had incomplete or inaccurate information and, in those instances, we immediately informed the Registrar and asked them to double check those forms for accuracy. We have and will continue to work with Indiana authorities to resolve these issues, so that no one is prevented from voting in November who is eligible to do so."

Check your voter registration information here. You can also download the Indiana Voters app.

Voters who find their information has been changed without their knowledge should immediately contact the Secretary of State's office at 1-866-IN-1-Vote (1-866-461-8683).

The voter registration deadline in Indiana is October 11. The Secretary of State's office has reason to believe this group will continue operating until the close of registration. Voters are urged to remain on high alert and to report any suspicious activity to the Secretary of State's office.

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