Indiana photographer poses newborns in 'Christmas Vacation' photoshoot

Shelbyville photographer Amy Haehl shared photos on Facebook of her most recent Christmas-scened photoshoot. (Coffee Creek Studio, Amy Haehl)

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) — An Indiana photographer is gaining attention once again for her newborn Christmas photoshoots.

This year, Amy Haehl who owns Coffee Creek Studio did a newborn photoshoot parody based off the movie "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation."

"This year we're celebrating a fun old-fashioned family Christmas," Haehl wrote in a Facebook post showing off the photos.

The scenes show Clark Grizwold and Uncle Eddie on the couch in front of a burnt tree; Uncle Eddie lying in the snow by his camper with a sewage drain from the RV wrapped around him; And Grizwold dreaming at the kitchen table while a (baby) girl sits outside on his swimming pool's diving board.

"I'm SO excited to finally release them to all of you!" Haehl wrote. "I love having a good laugh and love sharing the laughter with all of you. Figuring out all of the perfect little details and pulling this off has been quite an exhausting process and all I can say is... 'Hallelujah! Holy Sh*t! Where's the Tylenol?' - Clark Grizwold."

Last Christmas, Haehl had a similar photoshoot based on the holiday classic 'A Christmas Story.'