Indiana photographer creates captivating scenes for babies

Angela Forker has a series of scenes with her grandchildren and dinosaurs. This is her most favorite photo. (Precious Baby: Newborn Photography)

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NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WTHR) — An Indiana photographer and grandmother creates intricate and meaningful scenes for newborns and young children.

Angela Forker who owns Baby ImaginArt specializes in newborn photography, though she has a particular passion toward creating scenes for babies with terminal conditions or special needs.

She calls that part of her business the Precious Baby Project.

Eliana was diagnosed with Down syndrome and Angela Forker wanted to raise awareness to World Down Syndrome Day on March 21 in her photo. (Precious Baby Photography)

The scenes, which are created on her kitchen floor, create a one-of-a kind experience for the baby and their family: a baby making pizza, playing with dinosaurs and sailing boats among hundreds of other captivating, creative and confusing images.

Forker said when she started adding "floor scenes" to her portfolio, customers began coming to her for just that.

"Nobody else is doing this," Forker said. "I just have this crazy creativity inside of me, and if I'm not doing anything creative it's like I could explode."

It takes Forker four to 10 hours to build a scene. She builds flowers, barns and carousels using feathers, yarns, rocks and whatever else comes to mind.

"I just saw that my scenes were perfect for babies with special needs. All they have to do is lay down, then the magic happens when they enter the scene. It may look like they are running or jumping or flying or whatever it is that I want them to do," Forker said.

Twice a month, she offers free sessions as part of her Precious Baby Project.