Indiana mom asked to leave restaurant for breastfeeding

Audrey Taylor

A northern Indiana mother says a restaurant manager broke the law when she asked her to leave because she was breastfeeding.

Audrey Taylor says she was eating at the Tony Sacco's in Granger with her family on Sunday. After ordering her lunch, she began nursing her 14-week-old baby.

"I was nursing Jack and I was approached by a female manager and asked to go to the bathroom and I said, 'No, I won't feed my son in a public restroom,' and I said, 'Do you know its unlawful of you to ask that of me,' and she said, 'yes, I know,'" said Taylor.

According to Indiana state law, a woman has the right to breastfeed her child anywhere that woman has a right to be. Taylor says she was shocked and embarrassed, and decided to leave.

As the family was leaving, another manager came out to apologize. That manager declined to comment on the story.