Indiana House sends construction wage law repeal to governor

Protesters gathered to voice concern about the repeal.
The bill repealing the state law that sets wages for public construction projects is on its way to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence after his strong push for the measure.

The Indiana House voted 54-40 Thursday to give final legislative approval to the Republican-backed bill, a day after it narrowly won approval in the state Senate.

Pence and other repeal supporters say it would save as much as 20 percent from the cost of building projects by allowing more contractors to pay wages below union scale. Opponents dispute such savings will occur and argue the change will open the door for low-paying, out-of-state contractors.

Pence says he will sign the bill. He has used television ads and social media to advocate for the repeal.

Voting yes were 54 Republicans and 0 Democrats.

Voting no were 27 Democrats and 13 Republicans.


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