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GREENWOOD, Ind. (WTHR) - There is a little bit of a recruiting effort going on at Greenwood High School.

Laila Stein has been passing around flyers to encourage classmate to walk out of class Wednesday morning.

Following last month’s deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the walk out is a cause she feels compelled to organize.

“We’re serious about this. We spent the time and the effort, and we want to be heard and we believe that we should be heard,” said Stein.

It will be a walkout of 17 minutes in honor of the 17 lives lost in Florida.

“The majority of the lives lost at Parkland were kids under the age of 18, who were freshmen and sophomores,” said Stein. “And if you are not asking our opinion about this issue, then you are basically discounting the issue in the first place.”

Students here say their walk out comes with help of administrators who will offer excused absences.

“It’s mostly very much student-led, but the school was cooperative," said Sam Irons, another student at Greenwood High School. "They weren’t like other places - saying you are going to get suspended,”

However, in Fishers, students at Hamilton Southeastern say they are not getting the same reassurance.

“I just feel like it is absurd that students have to go to school and be worried about whether or not they are going to be shot in school when they are trying to get an education,” said Yashi Phougat, a sophomore at HSE.

Phougat and classmate Laura Stancato say they will walk out Wednesday despite a note to parents and students from administrators saying students who choose to leave class or school will be in violation of policy and that absent students will be required to make up any missed work.

“It is just about getting up. So, I will get up and head to the common area,” said Stancato. “It’s probably not going to look good for me, but in the end, it’s what I am standing up for and that means more than anything to me.”

These students feel now or never.

“We stand with the students of Parkland and no matter what comes our way we want our voices to be heard as long as it is in a respectful manner.” Said Stancato.