'Indiana Future Caucus' hopes to get Millennials engaged in politics

State lawmakers announced the "Indiana Future Caucus" on the steps of the Statehouse on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 (WTHR Photo/Joe Fenton)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - There is a new movement starting in Indiana politics, and it's called "getting along."

A handful of Republicans and Democrats called a press conference Wednesday to announce the creation of the Indiana Future Caucus. It's compromised of Millennials who want to change the status quo in politics.

"Right now, the hyper-partisanship in our politics is more extreme than at any time in our history," said Rep. Dan Forestal, D-Indianapolis. "Data has shown us that legislative chambers around our country are more divided and further apart than ever. This presents us with an opportunity."

"I think what Dan said is spot-on about how hyper-partisan our politics have become at the national level, and you can see it start to seep into local and state politics and we need to be encouraging young Hoosiers to get involved in politics. To run for office. To make a difference for our younger generations, but also for the future of our state. That is why our caucus is being formed," added Rep. Dave Ober, R-Noble County.

"Indiana has a lot of Millennials. It makes up 30 percent of the state's population and yet it only holds about 5 percent of the state legislative seats," said Steven Olikara, one of the national founders of the Millennial Action Project. "We want more Millennials to be active in politics. Our democracy, quite frankly, depends on it."

He also pointed out that more often than not, Millennials are the real adults in the room when it comes to political debate. The group's goal is to get things done and get more Millennials active in being a part of the solution in politics.

At this point, they may be small in number - seven Republicans and seven Democrats - but they are adding new members and looking to the future.