Indiana fourth graders save choking kindergartner's life


(WTWO) — Two Indiana fourth graders are being hailed as heroes after they saved another students life in the cafeteria.

Lane Griffin and Zac Barnes ran to help a kindergartner who was choking on cereal.

Lane said he cupped his hand and began performing back blows until the blockage was dislodged.

The 11-year-old said he knew what to do because he'd gone to CPR training with his stepmom who is a firefighter.

The boys said they decided to help simply because it was the right thing to do.

"I heard him cough like two times, and his face was really red... and he had his hands by his neck, so I just assumed that he was choking," 10-year-old Zac said.

"They were doing stuff like that on a mannequin, and I learned out how to do it from that," Lane said.

"No matter how old, no matter how big or small you are, you can help make a difference," Zac responded.

Though the boys weren't expecting any kind of reward for their actions, they did say they got a Snickers bar when it was all said and done.