Indiana beer industry growing business


Hundreds of "Beer Bloggers" invaded downtown Indianapolis this weekend, and many more beer lovers turned out for the Indiana Microbrewers Festival on Saturday. Indiana's beer industry has exploded in recent years.

Taste-testing from Indiana's 50-plus microbreweries is one way to enjoy a hot summer day.

Ryan Henrich with Upland Brewery & Co says, "If you know a lot about craft beer or you don't know much, this is the place to be."

In the last five years alone, the number of breweries in Indiana has more than doubled, "Indiana is sometimes late on trends. We've been seeing this in Colorado, the pacific northwest. It is working," Henrich.

Author Bob Ostrander says drinkers are looking for quality over quantity these days when they sit down to enjoy a cold beverage.

He also says it's not necessarily a difficult task to start a brewery in Indiana- and, it's quite lucrative, "The equipment involved is down to a couple of hundred dollars. If you can make beers at your own restaurant that costs you thirty-forty cents that you can sell for five-dollars, it is that simple."

In Broadripple alone there are three breweries within a couple of blocks. Even though they are this close, Industry experts say there isn't a concern of over-saturation, "The amount of beer that these small breweries are putting out are minuscule to these large breweries. Our largest brewery is putting out 15K barrels a year," says Ostrander.

While Indiana has more breweries per population than states like Washington and Colorado which are well known for their beer making, the beer author says we can expect plenty more to pop up and pour, "We will get back to the 80 breweries that Indiana once had, which was back in the 1800s," said Ostrander.