Increased security at Colts home games


Indianapolis - The Indianapolis Colts will begin scanning all fans with metal detectors when they attend games at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The team says it's part of an NFL security blitz.

The scan with hand held wands will replace pat downs that are now in use.

The team says the new procedures are the same as scans already done at Conseco Fieldhouse when folks attend games or concerts.

Green Bay Packers started the wand scans almost three weeks ago. The first time slowed down the process of getting Packer fans into the stadium.

Then Green Bay police added more officers and wands and the second week went well.

 "We hope to have an efficient process in place as soon as possible. Certainly we recommend everyone come earlier," said Colts Vice President Larry Hall. "And we'll get more information out when we get closer to the game where we will have the devices and which game it will first be in place."

The league reportedly began planning for the new procedures in the pre-season.

The Colts say the teams knows of know specific threat. It's just an effort to improve fan safety.