In Montana, lolling, sleepy bear attracts thousands of views

A bear is taking its time getting up from its winter nap at Glacier National Park. (Photo: Glacier National Park)

WEST GLACIER, Mont. (AP) — Thousands of people are tracking the movements of a sleepy black bear who seems reluctant to leave the tree hollow it used as a den this winter.

Glacier National Park officials have trained a webcam on the cottonwood tree since they first spotted the bear poking its head out on March 23.

The camera has captured the bear yawning, lolling about and taking brief forays onto the tree's branches before returning to the comfort of its den.

Wildlife officials say it can take several weeks for bears to fully emerge from hibernation.

Bears are emerging a little later this year after a particularly snowy winter in Montana.

Park officials say they will keep the camera trained on the tree until the bear decides to leave for the summer.

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