IMS president takes the Crack Cancer Challenge, issues challenge to drivers

WTHR photo

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WTHR) - At Indianapolis Motor Speedway Wednesday, Doug Boles took the Crack Cancer Challenge.

It's an egg-citing but messy way to raise money for pediatric cancer treatments and research.

It is also good medicine for families fighting cancer.

"It gives you a comfort and a peace that there is awareness being brought. Many people don't want to talk about childhood cancer but it is important," said Carrie Kirk.

Boles extended the challenge.

"Simon Pagenaud and one more who are we challenging, Greg Keselowski, you are up too. Simon and Brad, take the Crack Challenge," Boles said.

Doug wanted his eggs sunny side up. He got scrambled instead. Pity his dry cleaner. That suit may never be the same.