IMPD says increased patrols led to arrests in neighborhood paintball gun attacks

(Photo: WTHR)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Metro police say they've made arrests following the growing number of "paintball gun" shooting incidents throughout the city.

Just last week, surveillance video surfaced of a man getting shot with a paintball while he was walking down the sidewalk on the city's northwest side.

Several nearby homes and a business were also hit.

IMPD says they beefed up patrols after the incidents, which they believe led to the arrests.

Investigators didn't release the suspects' names or the charges they're facing.

Police want people to know they're taking the paintball shootings seriously and are following up on every call they get.

Detectives at IMPD's Northwest District will be taking a close look at surveillance video showing a car believed to be behind a paintball shooting crime spree.

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